Keep Hackers Away with Website Security

Website security must be one of your top priorities. Hackers are stealing information that compromise websites everyday. The last thing you want is to have your website hacked with malware or viruses. This could force your website off line, or worse yet, Google deeming your website unsafe. If your website gets blacklisted by Google, your internet rankings will be negatively impacted. Website security is much more than having strong passwords. There are many techniques that web developers can use to improve your website security. A good web designer will know how to protect your website with these important, yet simple guidelines:

  • Updates – It is import and crucial that all outdated software and plugins be updated.  Depending on the number of plugins you have on your website, sometimes updates will need to happen daily.
  • Plugins/Extensions – It is easy to install a plugin or new extension on your WordPress website, but not all plugins are safe.  Installing a compromised extension can lead to an infected website.  Being informed of creditable developers in the WordPress community can help protect yourself from unsuspecting malware.
  • Backup your Website – This sounds like a no-brainer, however many people don’t do it, nor back up often enough.  Having a good, reliable backup can and will save you many headaches in the long run.

Much more behind the scene techniques are used to safe guard your website.  Willeck Web Design implements best practices for securing your website.  Building your website is only as good as how secured it is.