Designing with a purpose

Minneapolis Web Design and Implementation

Throughout the design and implementation of your web site, we involve you at every step. We will always explain what we are doing and why, present each stage of the process to you for approval, and communicate with you regularly to make certain our website design presents your business as you want it presented. No website should be a static thing. Over time, it must be updated to reflect changes in the marketing environment and to keep it constantly fresh and current. Fine-tuning your site on a regular basis is a continuing process. We will work with you throughout your website’s life to keep its effectiveness strong.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Have you ever been traveling and you wanted to find the closest restaurant? Did you use your mobile phone to look up nearest restaurants? If the website was built with a responsive design, you would have a user friendly experience.

Responsive web design makes it easy to view your website on any device.  This is important to correctly display your website to potential customers. The main point is

Here’s a short video that explains it further.

Foundations for a Successful Web Design

Research & Planning

We work closely with our clients to establish goals for each website. To help with this, we research competitor’s websites, both in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area and in other markets. We learn the strengths of your business and sketch out an effective plan for your website.

Layout & Structure

A combination of overall design and navigational structure is critical to website performance. Often called “Look and Feel,” it combines graphical and other elements to offer a uniform basic design for the site, along with convenient access to all parts of the site.

Content Management

The content of any website is everything that communicates with website visitors. Combining graphical elements, written content, and multimedia content, it must effectively tell your story in a way that compels the visitor to contact you. Managing content using tools make it easy to update is an important part of this process.

Internet Marketing

From Search Engine Optimization to social media marketing strategies, we will work to get your website organic rankings.

Technical Website Elements

Everything from the URLs used for your website to selection of a company to host it is important. We’ll help create a technical environment for your site that enhances its accessibility and reliability.

Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive website will give your visitors the best user experience from any device. The days of designing for desktop computers are over. Responsive designed websites is embedded in our best practices.