Attract Visitors with Good Web Design and Content

Web design is just one of the major factors in attracting visitors. Research has proven that website visitors are extremely fickle. The fast-paced Internet world means websites have to work hard to hold visitors’ attention and keep them from moving on to another website. The bottom line is that you get about 45 seconds to capture the visitor’s attention. If you fail, the visitor clicks the web browser’s back button and is gone, probably never to return.

Your website must grab the visitor’s interest and lead them from the page they landed on to other pages on your site. That’s the only way to effectively present your marketing message. The goal is action, with the visitor making the decision to buy your products, visit your physical location, or contact you to arrange services. This is all accomplished with strong web design.

Visitor Retention Strategies

Keeping website visitors on your site and guiding them through it means building a web design that works:

  • Make Instant Contact – Focus on the visitor, not on your business. Let visitors know immediately that you understand their needs. Speak to them directly.
  • Anticipate Needs – Know the typical needs of your customers. Make sure your website gives them everything they need to make a decision.
  • Offer Information – Whatever the goods or services you feature, website visitors want to know more. Too many websites fail to educate their customers.
  • Show The Way – Carefully designed navigational tools on your site will lead visitors to the information they need and, ultimately, to action.
  • Don’t Waste Visitors’ Time – Keep visitors interested by presenting your information concisely and clearly. Don’t ramble or include unnecessary items.

Willeck Web Design – Minneapolis

Website visitor retention isn’t intuitive. Long experience and extensive research on what motivates visitors to explore a website means that we can optimize your website for visitor retention. Our websites keep visitors exploring and motivated to take action. Contact us today and we will turn a non-performing website into a marketing success story.