Search Engine Optimization

Beat your competitors with SEO

SEO Facts


  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search engine results.
  • Choosing the wrong keywords will result in poor rankings.
  • You can reduce the bounce rate with engaging content.
  • Unethical SEO techniques can damage your Internet Marketing goals.

Search Engine Optimization

No matter how good your website is, it can’t do its job of generating business for your company unless visitors come to the site. Most people find the websites they’re looking for by using search engines – specifically Google. They type in search words and phrases, then click on the top results shown on the search engine’s results page. Those results are created by a complex system of rankings used by Google and other search engines to present their list of websites in a specific order. Getting your Twin Cities website at or near the top of that list is crucial to attracting visitors. That’s what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. Here are some facts about how people use search engines:

  • Google is the most popular search engine – Over 80% of all Internet searches are done on Google.
  • Optimizing for Google Works for Other Search Engines – Other search engines compete with Google, so they try very hard to match Google’s results.
  • 75% of Google Users Click on The Top Listed Sites – If your website is at the top of the search engine results, you get the clicks. If not, the number of users who visit your site goes way down.
  • Google Users Use Many Search Phrases – They aren’t searching for your business’ name. Instead, they type in a variety of phrases you might not think of.
  • SEO is Competitive – All successful websites implement SEO techniques at some level. That means that your website has to do a better job of SEO than your competitor’s sites.
  • SEO Helps You Rise to The Top – Through the use of a complex set of strategies and careful research, SEO works to gain higher rankings for your site for a variety of search phrases. That increases the number of visits to your website.


Get Found on Google

Try finding your website by searching on Google.  If you are not on the first page of results, then you need proper SEO applied to your website.

Search Engine Optimization – Effective and Affordable

Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of work, and must involve every aspect of your website’s design and content if it is going to be effective. Careful research by an SEO expert identifies the search terms and phrases your potential customers are likely to use. Then, those phrases and terms are embedded into your site, both visibly and invisibly. It’s also an ongoing process. A complete Search Engine Optimization strategy monitors the performance of your website over time.  Making subtle changes when needed helps to keep your site at the top of search engine results pages.

All of this comes at a price, of course. But, SEO, unlike ineffective Yellow Pages and Internet Directory entries, actually produces results for you and your business. When you compare the cost of attracting customers, SEO turns out to be a real bargain.

When Willeck Web Design builds your website, it’s an ideal time to use our expertise and experience to optimize your website for Google and other search engines. By implementing effective SEO strategies as the site is created, your website gets off to the right start from the beginning. As a local Minneapolis web design company, we know your competition’s sites intimately, and can get top results for your web site in area Google searches.