Designing for Conversion – Closing The Deal

Every salesperson knows that the toughest part of selling is closing the deal. You make your pitch, answer all the questions, and explain your product or service. Then, you have to convince the customer to act, to buy, or to sign on the dotted line. Closing the deal is the thing that separates the successful salesperson from the failure.

The same principle applies to your Minneapolis St. Paul website. Unless you motivate your website visitor to take action, your website isn’t doing the whole job. Whether you’re selling products online, trying to get people into your physical business, or need leads to contact about your products or services, your website has to close the deal.

Conversion Strategies

  • Always Be Closing – That line from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross applies to websites, too. Your website visitor may make a decision to act at any time. Your site should make it easy for the visitor to become a customer or client.
  • Offer Incentives – Finely tuned incentives featured on your website are powerful tools to motivate visitors into action. Free offers, special discounts for website visitors, and other incentives are often the key to conversion.
  • Content Focus – Conversion enhancers should always be a part of the content on your site, but shouldn’t be obvious. Skilled content writers know how to incorporate subtle language into content to accomplish this.
  • Information Gathering – Website visitors fill out forms on websites frequently, but they’re very wary about attempts to get too much information. Careful design of contact forms is important. Get it wrong and visitors may balk.

Creating Customers Isn’t Easy Just as some salespeople seem to get the job done with little effort, while others constantly struggle, converting visitors into customers on a website is a subtle process. Heavy-handed efforts rarely work, and ineffective techniques usually fail. Website visitors have seen it all. It takes careful website design and carefully prepared content to motivate website visitors to take that leap and commit. Your Minneapolis St. Paul website needs the very best design and implementation to close the deal.

Willeck Web Design Creates Websites That Close the Sale

Our experience and research into website visitor behavior has taught us which design and content techniques are effective and which are likely to fail. When we design your Twin Cities website, we are always working to incorporate features that truly generate leads and business for you. That’s the reason you have a website, and we know that. Let us evaluate your current site at no charge to you. We’d love to show you how we can design a website for your business that will be a powerful sales tool.