Content Makes Websites Work

Website Content Is Your Online Sales Staff

Imagine having a sales staff that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always ready to present your sales and marketing message to hundreds or thousands of people at a time. That’s what the content on your Twin Cities business web site does. And it does it tirelessly and economically. Your online content never takes time off for lunch, never gets sick, and is always there when your potential customer drops by.

Website content includes both text and graphical elements, but it is the text content that tells your story and convinces your website visitor to buy your products or services. Writing website content is a specialized skill that can only be developed through experience and knowledge. Just any writing won’t do. To accomplish your goals, your website content must be:

  • Targeted – Your potential customers and website visitors are different from visitors at other websites. Identifying their characteristics, from age and education to economic status and many other factors, is the first step toward targeting content to their exact needs. An experienced content writer knows how to write for different audiences and adapts to their needs and goals.
  • Focused – Website content must be focused on the needs of your visitors and written to inform them and influence them to become customers of your business. Content is always about the visitors’ goals and how your business can meet their goals.
  • Concise – Studies show that website visitors seldom scroll down a page more than once. Too much content on a page means that your visitors are unlikely to read it all. Good content writers deliver your information with tight, effective text.
  • Informative – Visitors come to your site with a need to learn. Good website content answers their questions and shows them how your business can meet their needs.
  • Searchable – Visitors find your website most often on search engines. Understanding how search engines rank websites is important. Your site’s content needs to be fine-tuned to help visitors find it.
  • Persuasive – The ultimate goal for any business website is to convince the visitor to buy your products or contact you to arrange for services. Your website’s content must always be moving visitors to take action.

Experience Counts To create effective website content, you need a content provider with years of experience in this type of writing. The writing techniques are subtle and the ability to target consumers effectively can’t be learned without years of experience. You need tested, proven content creators.

Willeck Web Design – Expert Content Providers

We have seasoned, professional content writers who have decades of experience producing consumer-oriented copy that accomplishes marketing goals effectively. Our writers have expertise in many fields and have the skills to research new subjects quickly. The content they create is content that performs! Contact Willeck Web Design today to get started. We’ll show you how website design and effective content can transform your site.