WordPress first appeared in 2003 as a blog creation tool. As an open source tool, it has been modified many times, both by its creators and by third-party programmers. Today, it is a complete Content Management system. It’s suited best for small businesses who want a website that will generate sales leads and customer contacts.

Websites designed using WordPress are extremely flexible in appearance, and can incorporate a wide variety of third party tools to perform almost any function. A skilled WordPress designer can quickly and efficiently create a multi-page website that performs beautifully on all browsers. Navigational tools in WordPress are familiar to visitors and very flexible.

Here are some of the features that make WordPress so popular with website designers and businesses:

  • Themes – The overall look of a WordPress website can be changed almost instantly. Where traditional website design meant appearance changes took weeks, a WordPress site can be transformed in appearance quickly and seamlessly.
  • Blog-Friendly – Blogs are a powerful tool for many business websites. Since WordPress began as a blog creation system, it’s exceptionally easy to include a blog, complete with RSS feeds and other features into any website.
  • Search Engine Friendly – WordPress sites are exceptionally friendly to the tools search engines like Google use to rank websites.
  • Plug-ins & Widgets – A vast resource of feature-rich plug-ins and widgets are available to designers. These drastically speed up the design process, saving your business money.
  • Ease of Updates – Like all Content Management systems, changes in website content are fast and easy. This means you can afford to keep your website constantly up to date and make changes whenever necessary.

Appearance, Flexibility, and Affordability
For you, as the owner of a Minneapolis St. Paul business, WordPress means that your website will make the most of your website budget. You’ll also benefit from the design flexibility, fast website development time, and easy updates. If your website designer recommends building your website with WordPress, you’ll save time and money and have an attractive, easy to use website for your customers.

Ask Willeck Web Design if WordPress Is Right For You

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